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Discover seasonal and trendy recipes

The Dinner A'Fare features 15 chef-designed dinners per month:

 You choose the dinners.

If you love a particular recipe, select as many as you'd like.

Everything you need is delivered to your door.

Your Dinner A'Fare delivery arrives with everything you need
to cook a delicious dinner.  Most dinners have 4-5 steps and
can be completed in 30 minutes. 

We've done everything for you
in our kitchen so you can relax in yours.

  No shopping.  No chopping. 

All natural halal chicken just tastes better!

Your dinners are prepared in our kitchen with the best
ingredients around.  Our families and friends
eat dinner with us every night and we only serve
The Dinner A'Fare. 

You Can Taste The Dinner A'Fare Difference

Who has time to cook? 

The Dinner A'Fare gives you back your time
so you can spend it doing the things
you and your family love.

This is one of our most common
compliments from loyal customers!

A trip to the grocery store seems to
always cost $100, even though you just
went in for bread and milk!

When you order from The Dinner A'Fare
you know you are getting real DINNERS!

You'll lower your grocery bill immediately
and you'll love the dinners you are
serving your family.

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