Argentinean Grilled Steak Single Serving

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Our famous flank steak is back, seasoned with lemon pepper, garlic, basil, soy, and cilantro. Drizzle on the mouth-­‐watering vinaigrette made of crushed black beans, olive oil, cumin, vinegar, cilantro and onion! This is a fabulous dish to serve on Saturday night when the new neighbors are over, and always perfect for the grill!

Nutritional Info: Cal 377 /Carbs 14.1 gm/ Sugars 3.2 gm /Protein 32.1 gm/ Fat 21.5 gm /Sat Fat 5.4 gm /Fiber 2.6 gm / Sodium 1957 mg /Chol 57 mg

Cooking Instructions: Oven 15-25 minutes