Basil Cream Chicken with Angel Hair Pasta

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This dish of angel hair pasta is dressed with succulent sautéed chicken and garlic. Complemented by creamy Alfredo and basil pesto, you will love this dish by the candlelight of a romantic dinner with that special someone.

Nutritional Info: Cal 185 /Carbs 4.9 gm /Sugars 0 g /Protein 18.6 gm /Fat 10.7 gm  /Sat Fat 3.7 gm /Fiber 0.3 gm /Sodium 603 mg /Chol 52 mg

Angel Hair Pasta Nutritional Info: Cal 122 /Carbs 23.2 gm /Sugars 0 g /Protein 4.8 gm  Fat 1 gm /Sat Fat 0.1 gm /Fiber 0 gm /Sodium 11 mg /Chol 31 mg

Cooking Instructions: Stovetop / 8-10 minutes

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