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Buffalo Chicken Tacos with Bleu Cheese Ranch

We love gourmet buffalo sauces at Dinner A’Fare. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are cooked perfectly and tossed in our zesty buffalo sauce. Top your tacos with our crunch celery and corn, then drizzle with our homemade bleu cheese ranch. These tacos are so good you’ll want to order more than one.
*Kid Tip: Make this dinner family friendly by setting aside some chicken before you add the buffalo sauce.

Nutritional Info: Cal 361 /Carbs 31.2 gm /Protein 30.2 gm /Fat 13.4 gm / Sat Fat 2.7 g / Fiber .8 gm /Sodium 1461 mg /Chol 82 mg / Sugar 22.5
Tortilla Nutritional Info: Cal 100 /Carbs 14 gm /Protein 2 gm /Fat 2.5 gm /Sat Fat 1 / Fiber .9 gm /Sodium 150 mg /Chol 0 mg / Sugar 0

Cooking Instructions: Stovetop or Grill / 10-15 minutes

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