Imagine your favorite Caesar salad flavors but in a delicious chicken dish!  Our boneless, skinless chicken breasts are dipped in rich and creamy Caesar dressing and then topped with a buttery Parmesan crouton crust.  Top it off with melted Parmesan cheese and dip a bite in the extra Caesar dressing.  Best of all, this easy oven baked dish will give you time to sit back, relax and enjoy the ease of a one pan dinner!

Nutritional Info: Cal 521 /Carbs 17 gm /Protein 40 gm /Fat 31 gm /Sat Fat 8 gm /Fiber 1 gm /Sodium 1071 mg /Chol 147 mg /Sugar 1 gm

Cooking Instructions: Oven 35 – 40 minutes