Asian Lettuce Wraps

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We all love wraps, but now you don’t have to go out to your favorite restaurant to enjoy them.  We mix together ground turkey, green onion and garlic with a touch of peanut butter then toss in our “out of this world” sauce made from teriyaki, sesame oil and Hoisin.  Wrap these up in crisp lettuce leave and enjoy in the comfort of your own home!  (Orders outside Atlanta, GA do not include lettuce)

Nutritional Info: Cal 257 /Carbs 6.2 gm /Sugars 3.8gm /Protein 29.4 gm /Fat 14.2 gm /Sat Fat 2.4gm /Fiber 0.5 gm /Sodium 634 mg /Chol 104 mg

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