Asian Style Beef Yakitori

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Asian Style Beef Yakitori Family Friendly Meal Kits

In Japanese culture one will order Yakitori with salt (shio) or with tare (dipping sauce). In The Dinner A’Fare version we combine both the salty and the sweet to deliver a perfectly tender beef skewer with plenty of tare to go around. You’ll enjoy the delicious flavor of the grilled mango along side the beef marinated in cranberry, hoisin, sesame oil and ginger.

Nutritional Information:
Cal 327 /Carbs 6.2 gm /Protein 19.6 gm /Fat 13.9 gm /Fiber 1.4 gm
Sodium 425 mg /Chol 50 mg

Cooking Instructions: Grill / 8-10 minutes

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