Italian Shrimp Wraps

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Italian Shrimp Wraps Dinner A'Fare Meal Kit

We love these remarkable full-flavored shrimp wraps! Bake jumbo shrimp in a basil pesto full of Parmesan and pine nuts then mix in artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, onion and garlic. Complete this dish with the tortillas provided and you have one colorful and healthy dinner!

Nutritional Info: Cal 204 /Carbs 7.8 gm /Protein 19 gm /Fat 10.7 gm /Fiber 2.5 gm /Sodium 361 mg /Chol 120 mg

Tortilla Nutritional Info: Cal 65 /Carbs 13.2 gm /Protein 1.6 gm /Fat .7 gm /Fiber 1.5 gm /Sodium 46 mg /Chol 0 mg


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