Louisiana Style Chicken Pasta

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Louisiana Style Chicken Pasta

We encrust our chicken breasts in parmesan, panko and a bit of Cajun seasoning.  Serve atop our creamy, Cajun inspired bowtie pasta with colorful bell peppers, mushrooms, and plenty of garlic.


Nutritional Info: Cal 348 /Carbs 4.6 gm /Protein 18.7 gm /Fat 18.4 gm /Fiber 2 gm /Sodium 639 mg /Chol 67 mg

Bowtie Pasta Nutritional Info: Cal 372 /Carbs 35.3 gm /Protein 6 gm /Fat 7 gm /Fiber 1.1 gm /Sodium 3 mg /Chol 0 mg

Cooking Instructions:  Stovetop 20-25 minutes