Mojito Pork Kabobs with Cherry Barbecue Sauce

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Mojito Pork Kabobs

This festive dish is perfect for a night when you want flavor without the fuss! We marinate our tender pork loin in rum, brown sugar, garlic, sweet and sour mix, and of course the traditional mint. Serve these kabobs up with the handmade cherry barbecue sauce, and you will find this one a zesty addition to your table!

Nutritional Info: Cal 270 /Carbs 26.5 gm /Sugars 14.4 gm /Protein 27 gm /Fat 3.7 gm /Sat Fat 1.2 gm /Fiber .5 gm /Sodium 566 mg /Chol 75 mg

Cooking Instructions: Stovetop / 8-12 minutes or Grill / 10-15 minutes

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