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"Not" The Original Chicken Nuggets with Famous Sauce


Ooohh, These copycat nuggets will leave your kids begging for this homemade version!!  When we tested them with the kiddos in our test kitchen we were so excited!  It was the fastest test dinner we have EVER seen disappear! Pickle juice, pork rinds, the easiest dinner ever!  Serve with this famous sauce (included) and don’t forget to add the waffle fries as a side!!

Nuggets Nutritional Info: Cal 465 /Carbs 2 gm /Protein 68 gm /Fat 19 gm /Sat Fat .7 gm /Fiber 0 gm /Sodium 976 mg /Chol 279 mg /Sugar 23 gm

Famous Sauce Nutritional Info: Cal 269 /Carbs 21 gm /Protein 1 gm /Fat 21 gm /Sat Fat  3 gm /Fiber 0 gm /Sodium 378 mg /Chol 12 mg /Sugar 20 gm

Cooking Instructions:  Stovetop 10-18 Minutes

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