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Pepperoni Chicken


Who doesn’t love a cheesy pizza?  Our Pepperoni Chicken will taste just like Friday night pizza but way healthier!  We take our boneless, skinless chicken breasts and slice them thin like a pizza crust.  Top with Italian spices, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni and then bake!  Sit back, enjoy your glass of Chianti while dinner is cooking, and there is no mess to clean up!! Who is going to be more in love? You, for the deliciousness and ease, or your kids for giving you chicken that is just like PIZZA!


Nutritional Info: Cal 234 /Carbs 5.1 gm /Sugars 2.8 gm /Protein 30.1 gm /Fat 10.1 gm /Sat Fat 3.3 gm /Fiber 1.3 gm /Sodium 716 mg /Chol 80 mg

Cooking Instructions:  Oven 35 minutes

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