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Smash Burgers with Bacon-Onion Jam


Smash Burgers with Bacon-Onion Jam- Fire up the grill!!  Smashing a burger while cooking creates a perfect seal on the outside of the burger which locks in all of the juicy flavor! These smash burgers are super easy.  Caramelize bacon and onion and mix with apple cider vinegar, and brown sugar and you have just made your own jam! Top the burger with this jam and a slice of cheddar cheese and dinner is a “smash!”

Nutritional Info: Cal 679 /Carbs 45 gm /Protein 44 gm /Fat 35 gm Sat Fat 13 gm /Fiber 2 gm /Sodium 740 mg /Chol 128 mg /Sugar 23 gm

Cooking Instructions: Grill or Stovetop  10-20 minutes

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