Queso Fundido with Steak, Chicken and Shrimp

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Queso fundido is Spanish for “melted cheese”, but this isn’t just any cheese dish, it’s full of seasoned flank steak, chicken breast, and of course, succulent shrimp to complete the trio! Because everything comes better in threes! Served with our included tortillas, and you will notice that as the cheese melts this dinner will vanish before your eyes. (Ziploc Bag)


Nutritional Info: Cal 220 /Carbs 1.9 gm /Sugars 0.5 gm /Protein 31.2 gm /Fat 9.3 gm  /Sat Fat 5.1 gm /Fiber 0 gm /Sodium 434mg /Chol 107 mg

Tortilla Nutritional Info: Cal 35  /Carbs 6 gm /Sugars 0.3 gm /Protein 1 gm /Fat 0.8 gm /Sat Fat 0.3 gm /Fiber 0.3 gm /Sodium 100 mg /Chol 0 mg

Dietary Exchange: 9


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