Rustic Chicken and Potato Gratiné

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Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are roasted with red skin potato wedges, brushed with kosher salt, pepper, paprika, garlic and a touch of hot sauce. Topped with plenty of cheddar, Monterey Jack, bacon and green onion then browned to become the perfect rustic French gratiné. Serve it with our creamy ranch dipping sauce and your whole family will love it.

Nutritional Info: Cal 259 /Carbs 9 gm /Sugars 0.8 gm /Protein 31.3 gm /Fat 11 gm  /Sat Fat 3.6 gm /Fiber 1.1 gm /Sodium 993 mg /Chol 78 mg

Dietary Exchange: 9

Ranch Dipping Sauce Nutritional Info: Cal 100 /Carbs 22 gm /Sugars 6 gm /Protein 0.5 gm /Fat 0.7 gm /Sat Fat 0.1 gm /Fiber 0.4gm /Sodium 440mg /Chol 1 mg

Cooking Instructions: Oven / 30-40 minutes

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