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Our Greek style turkey burgers will have your mouth begging for more! With red onion, garlic, and of course the traditional spinach and feta you will find that these burgers make everyone happy. Opa! Serve them up on the grill or from your kitchen oven.

Nutritional Info:  Cal 228 /Carbs 1.4 gm /Sugars 0.7 gm /Protein 29.4 gm /Fat 13.2 gm /Sat Fat 3.3 gm /Fiber 0.2 gm /Sodium 216 mg /Chol 112 mg

Hamburger Bun Nutritional Info:Cal 128 /Carbs 23 gm /Protein 4.5 gm /Fat 1.8 gm /Sat Fat 0.4gm  /Fiber 0.8 gm /Sodium 227 mg /Chol 0 mg

Cooking Instructions: Oven or Grill / 35-45 minutes

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