Steak Diane Single Serving

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Steak Diane Meal Kits

We use our tender bistro steak, and season it with a rub of Dijon mustard and black pepper, then pan sear it with olive oil to lock in those juices. It’s complimented with a sauce made from the pan juices, red wine, Worcestershire, tomato and a touch of cream to create a velvet texture. You’re going to love our take on this classic beef dish!

Nutritional Info: Cal 317 /Carbs 2.5 gm /Sugars 1.2 gm /Protein 31.9 gm /Fat 16.7 gm /Sat Fat 7.7 gm /Fiber .2 gm /Sodium 653 mg /Chol 80 mg

Cooking Instructions: Oven / 30-35 minutes