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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?
The Dinner A'Fare is an upscale studio kitchen, where we prepare delicious, gourmet children-friendly dinners in packages of 6 or 12.  Each dinner serves 2-3 or 4-6 depending on your family size.  Our chef designed menus change monthly and adjust with the season. 

We use fresh ingredients and never pre-package anything.  The difference is amazing and you will love it.

Do we have to come in and make the dinners?
While we'd love to have you in the kitchen, we understand everybody has busy schedules.  We have several options
to choose from so you can put dinner on the table!  Click Here

Are your dinners kid friendly?
We try our best to balance the gourmet side of our dinners with the children-friendly side.  Almost every dish can be made for your child.  For example, when cooking at home you can leave out a chicken breast to grill without spices or even request that your dinners don't have onions etc.

Can I send dinners as a gift?
Absolutely, you can choose to send a Gift Card or order a package to be shipped or delivered right to their door.  Just enter the deliver address in the special instruction when ordering your dinners.

Do your dinners come with side dishes?
Over the last ten years we've gone back and forth on side dishes.  Overwhelmingly, our customers have requested a lower price in lieu of side dishes as most families always have those on hand.

Is this a diet program?
The Dinner A'Fare is not a diet program.  While we have hundreds of loyal customers who have lost significant weight eating our dinners, our goal is to provide high quality dinners that your family will love and continue to eat years down the road. 

Are your ingredients high quality?
Absolutely.  We buy our ingredients from national and local suppliers with specific requirements.  My family eats Dinner A'Fare dinners 4-5 nights per week and I would not serve them low quality ingredients.