Ravioli Bianca with Broccoli Florets and Texas Toast Oven Dinner

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Ravioli Bianca Meal Kit

Over the years our ravioli dishes have always been a huge hit. This dish is no exception. Elegant three-cheese ravioli are prepared with baby spinach, mushrooms, and bacon, and then finished with a creamy Alfredo sauce.  We take this dish to another level with broccoli florets and Texas Toast.

Ravioli Nutritional Information: Cal 350 /Carbs 23.2 gm /Protein 24.2 gm /Fat 13.1 gm /Fiber .4 gm /Sodium 487 mg /Chol 56 mg

Broccoli Nutritional Info: Cal 25 /Carbs 5 gm /Sugars 1 gm /Protein 7 gm /Fat 0 gm /Sat Fat 0 gm /Fiber 3 gm /Sodium 15 mg /Chol 0 mg

Texas Toast Nutritional Information: Cal 160 /Carbs 16 gm /Protein 3 gm /Fat 9 gm /Fiber 1 gm /Sodium 270 mg /Chol 0 mg