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Bruschetta Chicken Meal Kits

We’ve taken everyone’s Italian favorite and transformed it into a timeless Dinner A’Fare meal by coating our boneless, skinless chicken breast in a crunchy, golden panko breading and topping it with a beautiful combination of sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, kalamata olives, red onion, basil and mozzarella cheese. Bruschetta may date back to the 15th century, but we’ve just taken it right into the 21st! So raise your pinot grigio and toast, “cent’ anni”, which means may you live 100 years!

Nutritional Info:
Cal 280 /Carbs 12 gm /Sugars 1 gm /Protein 32 gm /Fat 11.7 gm /Sat Fat 2.2 gm /Fiber 1.3 gm /Sodium 428 mg /Chol 72 mg

Cooking Instructions: Oven / 30-40 minutes

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